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Hercules Wendover and His Descendants

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Peter Hercules Wendover was the fifth son of Hercules Wendover and Jane Ruger. He was born August 1, 1768 in New York City. He remained in the city his entire life, and served as a Jeffersonian Democrat in the United States House of Representatives from 1815-1819. While there, he was primarily responsible for enactment of the Flag Act of 1818.

This law governs the design of the American flag, even today. Until its enactment, each time a new state was added to the Union, the flag was changed to include both an additional star and an additional stripe. By this law, the number of stripes reverted permanently to thirteen, in honor of the original thirteen states. From then on, only a star was added to the flag as a new state was admitted.

The law also required the redesign of the flag to be uniform. When a new state was to be admitted, and a star added to the flag, one uniform design of the star field would be adopted. The new flag design would go into effect on the 4th of July following the admission of the new state.

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3 Nov 1732 - 7 Oct 1786

Father: Thomas WINDOVER
Mother: Elizabeth ELSWORTH

Family 1 : Jane RUGER

  1.  Thomas WENDOVER
  2.  Hercules WENDOVER
  3.  Robert WENDOVER
  4.  Elizabeth WENDOVER
  5.  William WENDOVER
  6. +Peter Hercules WENDOVER
  7.  Jane WENDOVER

                       _John WINDOVER ______+
                      | (1652 - 1726) m 1692
 _Thomas WINDOVER ____|
| (1695 - 1779) m 1718|
|                     |_Engeltje HARCKS ____+
|                       (1654 - 1716) m 1692
|--Hercules WENDOVER 
|  (1732 - 1786)
|                      _Johannes ELSWORTH __+
|                     | (1664 - 1704) m 1696
|_Elizabeth ELSWORTH _|
  (1699 - ....) m 1718|
                      |_Antje PIETERS ______
                        (.... - 1763) m 1696


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