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It appears, from research to date, that all of the Windovers, Wendovers, and Wandovers in North America are descended from John Wendover (aka John Windeford, Windover, etc.), a silversmith, who was in New York City as early as 1688.  He appears to have been born in Bedford, England, in 1652. Shortly after arriving in New York, he married Engeltje Harcks, and they had three children:  Thomas, born in the early 1690's; Anne, born about the middle 1690's; and Hercules, born in 1701, and named for Engeltje's father. Hercules married, but had no children, so all of the North American descendants with the surname are also descended from Thomas. (There may be others descended from Anne, but they would not have the surname unless some among them married a distant relative who did have the surname.)  

Thomas married Elizabeth Elsworth in 1718, and they had numerous children, but when Thomas died during the Revolutionary War, there were just five of his children named in his will, and just three of those were still living. The will indicates that only two of Thomas's sons had reached adulthood, married, and had children: Hercules and Peter. The respective descendants of these two then form two main branches of the surname in North America. The descendants of Hercules remained in the area of New York City and northeastern New Jersey, and almost all spelled the name Wendover. Those who descended from Peter moved up the Hudson River and settled mostly in various parts of upstate New York, spelling the surname variously Windover, Wendover, and Wandover.

Another significant branch was formed within the descendants of Peter Wendover. All but one of his children remained in New York State until their deaths, but one of them (John) -- or many of his children -- removed to the Canadian Province of Ontario. They settled on the Bay of Quinte, the fairly narrow inlet on the north shore of Lake Ontario, between the "mainland" and the peninsula on which Prince Edward County is situated. They lived mostly in the area where the present-day counties of Hastings, Prince Edward, and Northumberland converge. There are many descendants of John's children today, most still living in Ontario, and virtually all of whom spell the surname Windover.

We will be posting more details of the genealogies of these various branches of the North American Wendovers/Windovers. Follow the links below to see what more information has been posted, or to check out Mark's business home page.

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